My name is Saskia and I am living in beautiful Switzerland. Currently, I’m a part-time programmer and student of Computer Science where my focus is on User Experience, programming and management. I’m sharing a loft with my car-crazy love and two bunnies named Johnny and June – just like Johnny Cash and his wife. Besides blogging, I am spending my free time with music – listening, but I’ve also recently started to play the guitar -, movies/series, reading, writing stories, baking, occasional exercising and drawing – I designed and created the Cupventure-cup all on my own.

My talent isn’t really to describe myself, so I decided to give you a list of things I like and maybe that helps you to create some sort of picture of me: Stephen King, Taylor Swift, Johnny Cash, baking, Arctic Monkeys, die Ärzte, Franz Ferdinand, Dexter, stickers, Californication, BoJack Horseman, Love, chocolate, tea, red wine, Green Day, lipsticks, dresses, Harry Potter, Lego, Sherlock, Supernatural, my guitar, Alice in Wonderland, London, stationery, Archer, travelling, The Walking Dead, cupcakes, Netflix, The Hunger Games, Ryan Gosling, blankets, Disney, more tea, being at the sea as well as on top of a mountain, the 50s, spending a free afternoon on writing my book (as if I’ve ever had a free afternoon), running (at least sometimes), Gossip Girl, Christian Bale, planners, The Notebook, The Mentalist, lazy days, tequila sunrise, gaming, Funko Pops.

The idea for Cupventure came up when I was looking to build a creative space for myself next to my rather logical work and degree course. Here is where I can write about the things I like or think about. Cupventure is about all the daily adventures that everyone is facing everyday. Sometimes, it might be about the challenges we have to face; and sometimes it might be about the rewards that we receive for facing a challenge. (Hmmm, waffles.) Facing a challenge often requires some preparation, so make sure to bring your cup of tea with you for that. 😉


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March 2017