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Ha, here we go. It’s a bit of an unusual post for this website and I basically haven’t written anything on here since October, but anyway. A short introduction for everyone who didn’t come here through us spreading the word about #reputationProject:  As some of you know, I have bought a ticket to the Reputation Stadium Tour byTaylor Swift. I was talking about this also on The Swift Life which is Taylor Swift’s mobile app and then, Melanie contacted me about the project and I thoughtminen it was a great idea and wanted to join. And here we are.


The idea is that on the Reputation Stadium Tour, during the song Gorgeous, as many people as possible hold up a pink heart cutout in front of your phone’s flashlight to surprise Taylor and make the whole venue glow pink. You can download the template for the heart below (Click on the version you’d like to print for full-size version). Pick either the pink hearts if you’re printing on white paper, or the black/white hearts if you’re printing on pink paper (that way you will need LESS INK). Please, make sure, that your hearts are PINK  and print them on A4 paper (8 hearts on 1 sheet. We want to keep it small, so no one’s view will be blocked, just bring spare hearts with you to the concert to give to other Swifties who might haven’t heard about #reputationProject).



For this, as many people as possible need to bring their own cutout, but we will also try to bring some additional cutouts to spread at the venue for everyone who didn’t hear about the project before.

To make this work, we will need many helpers who are willing to bring cutouts to the concerts and to spread the word.

Regarding some concerns that were voiced by different people: 

  • We are aware that there might be bracelets like on the 1989 world tour. We think that the effects of our hearts could support the bracelet-effect, though – or in the worst case: It’d be still a big sign if the whole venue would hold up a pink heart, no matter if we get the glow effect or not.
  • Some people were saying that they thought this thing would have been better for “New Year’s Day”. Our thoughts behind this are: Taylor’s played “Gorgeous” live before at her recent Christmas shows and it’s also an inofficial single from the album. We think that it will be definitely be on the setlist. Also, as those hearts will be pink and the song “Gorgeous” is about having a big crush, we thought the hearts and colour were pretty fitting for that certain song.

Thank you for understanding. 🙂

Paper Airplanes

This is not our idea, but I saw it on The Swift Life: everyone brings a paper airplane and writes their The Swift Life username on it (and other nice messages maybe?) Then during a certain song (e. g. New Year’s Day), everyone lets their paper airplanes fly and you can catch those of others.

I will update the information about this project on this page, too, so stay tuned about this. 🙂

Venues and Helpers

If you want to help out, please contact either one of the organisers for your date or contact Melanie ( twitter | instagram | the Swift Life: narcissist_swiftie) to become organiser for your date if there’s none yet.

Find the official #reputationProject Instagram here.

Find the official #reputationProject tumblr here.

Find the official #reputationProject twitter here.

If you want to help you can also contact these accounts.

ATTENTION: There are due dates for signing up for every show where we have no helpers yet!

Glendale, AZ – May 08, 2018


Santa Clara, CA – May 11, 2018

no helpers yet – due date for signing up: February 11, 2018

Santa Clara, CA – May 12, 2018


Pasadena, CA – May 18, 2018


Pasadena, CA – May 19, 2018


Seattle, WA – May 22, 2018


Denver, CO – May 25, 2018


Chicago, IL – Jun 01, 2018


Chicago, IL – Jun 02, 2018


  • the Swift Life: Rmweber
  • Jackie | twitter | instagram | the Swift Life: taylorslittlebird
  • instagram | the Swift Life: inthemiddleofthenight_13

Manchester, United Kingdom – June 08, 2018


Manchester, United Kingdom – June 09, 2018

no helpers yet – due date for signing up: March 09, 2018

Dublin, Ireland – June 15, 2018


Dublin, Ireland – June 16, 2018

Organiser: tumblrinstagram | the Swift Life: notreadyforittaylor

London, United Kingdom – June 22, 2018

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London, United Kingdom – June 23, 2018


Louisville, KY – June 30, 2018

no helpers yet – due date for signing up: March 30, 2018

Columbus, OH – July 07, 2018

Organiser: the Swift Life: onhome2mycat

Washington, DC – July 10, 2018


Washington, DC – July 11, 2018

no helpers yet – due date for signing up: April 11, 2018

Philadelphia, PA – July 13, 2018

Organiser: Christina | tumblr |  instagram (1) | instagram (2) | the Swift Life: christinaswiftt

Philadelphia, PA – July 14, 2018


  • Shawna | tumblr | the Swift Life: shawnarobertson
  • instagram | the Swift Life: delicate13_

Cleveland, OH – July 17, 2018

Organiser: Marissa | twitterinstagram | the Swift Life: marissamm

East Rutherford, NJ – July 20, 2018

no helpers yet – due date for signing up: April 20, 2018

East Rutherford, NJ – July 21, 2018


East Rutherford, NJ – July 22, 2018

Organiser: Kaila | instagram | the Swift Life: TheSwift

Foxborough, MA – July 26, 2018

no helpers yet – due date for signing up: April 26, 2018

Foxborough, MA – July 27, 2018

no helpers yet – due date for signing up: April 27, 2018

Foxborough, MA – July 28, 2018


  • Jess | instagram | the Swift Life: jessiepoli
  • Monica | instagram | the Swift Life: XOMonica17
  • instagram | the Swift Life: travelswtaylor

Toronto, ON Canada – August 03, 2018

no helpers yet – due date for signing up: May 03, 2018

Toronto, ON Canada – August 04, 2018


Pittsburgh, PA – August 07, 2018

Organiser: tumblr | twitter | the Swift Life: Fam832

Atlanta, GA – August 10, 2018


Atlanta, GA – August 11, 2018

Organiser: Lisa | lisakonopinski(at) | the Swift Life: Finally_Clean_

Tampa, FL – August 14, 2018

Organiser: Kristin | twitter | instagram | the Swift Life: klott302

Miami, FL – August 18, 2018


  • Danielle | instagram | the Swift Life: dany971179
  • instagram | the Swift Life: gorgeousswifties13

Nashville, TN – August 25, 2018


Detroit, MI – August 28, 2018


  • Melanie | twitter | instagram | the Swift Life: narcissist_swiftie
  • Chelsea | twitter | the Swift Life: Longslovetaylor

Minneapolis, MN – August 31, 2018

Organiser: Stephanie | twitter | instagram | the Swift Life: Swiftie.Steph13

Minneapolis, MN – September 01, 2018


Kansas City, MO – September 08, 2018


Indianapolis, IN – September 15, 2018


  • the Swift Life: callie__cat
  • the Swift Life: onhome2mycat
  • the Swift Life: Swiftie131415
  • instagram | the Swift Life: SwiftieHeather
  • instagram | the Swift Life: Phoenix3474

St. Louis, MO – September 18, 2018

Organiser: Ciara | instagram | the Swift Life: ciara

New Orleans, LA – September 22, 2018

Organiser: twitter | instagram |the Swift Life: katreputation

Houston, TX – September 29, 2018


Arlington, TX – October 05, 2018

no helpers yet – due date for signing up: July 05, 2018

Arlington, TX – October 06, 2018

For further information you can like this Facebook page here.

Organiser: Ashley | twitter | the Swift Life: StillMeSinging

Perth, Australia – October 19, 2018

no helpers yet – due date for signing up: July 19, 2018

Melbourne, Australia – October 26, 2018

Organiser: instagram | the Swift Life: dangerous.reputation

Sydney Olympic Park, Australia – November 02, 2018

no helpers yet – due date for signing up: August 02, 2018

Brisbane, Australia – November 06, 2018

no helpers yet – due date for signing up: August 06, 2018

Auckland, New Zealand – November 09, 2018



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