Last Young Renegade – All Time Low

It’s about time to fill the music category on my blog, what do you think? I recently rediscovered a band, that I’ve already listened to more than seven years ago. After they released their album Dirty Work in 2011, that band somehow vanished from my sight. That was until their singer commented and liked some of Green Day‘s and Billie Joe Armstrong’s Instagram posts. 🙂 I’m speaking about All Time Low.

It took some more time, after I started to follow the band on Instagram and co, until I got around to listen to their latest music, to be quite honest. The permanent exposure to their song “Life of the Party” on Instagram Stories has sped up this process massively, though. (Great marketing, boys!)

Eventually I bought Last Young Renegade (as well as Future Hearts) on amazon and now I sit here to write some kind of a review, I guess. I’ve never really written much about music, but let’s try this.

Last Young Renegade is the latest album of All Time Low and was released in June 2017. There are 10 songs on it, that I’d describe as pop music with elements of rock. I quite like the design of the CD cover, especially the little detail where the sign, that was on their prior album Future Hearts, is on the young man’s t-shirt, is nice.

Last Young Renegade is not only the title of the album, but also the opening song: a tune about a relationship that didn’t work out. My two personal favourite songs are following right away: Drugs & Candy and Dirty Laundry. The former was stuck in my mind right away, I had to hum it all the time. This could only meant two things: the song is utter bullshit or it’s great. I went for great. Dirty Laundry has got a slightly gloomy, mysterious touch, which makes the song special to me – in that way, the music reflects perfectly the topic of the song.

The album is generally more gloomy and heavy than for example Nothing Personal, which can be kinda confusing in the beginning if you’re used to those old tunes. Songs like Life of the Party or Nightmares have rather serious topics. Both of these songs handle this differently though: Nightmares is clearly the darker song, which also conveys a certain insecurity.

Ground Control is the only song on this album, that doesn’t do much for me. It sounds like a typical radio song, which I personally take for a bit too plain most of the time. With Afterglow the band has created a quiet, nice, but not too special finish for Last Young Renegade.

Release Date: June 2, 2017

Label: Fueled by Ramen

Conclusion: Definitive recommendation to purchase.

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