End Of Watch by Stephen King

If you haven’t understood that I’m a Stephen King fan by now, then … well, you must be new to the blog. It hasn’t been long since I wrote my last review of a Stephen King book (like not long in “please, block out my blogging break”) and nooow, there’s another one. I think that’s pretty cool, cause for me that means that I actually had took a little time to sit down and read a book, you know. This time I’m reviewing End Of Watch which is the third book of a series that started out with Mr. Mercedes, followed by Finders Keepers. Without spoilers about the book, obviously, but maybe there’ll be something you might not know yet if you haven’t read the first or second book, but that’s in the nature of things if you’re reading a post about the last book of a series, right?


Bill Hodges, who’s the detective that caught the mass murderer Brady Hartsfield 6 years ago while being retired already, is called to a crime scene where a mother killed her daughter and afterwards herself. Of course, his former colleagues wouldn’t have called him there without a reason: The daughter was one of Brady’s victims in the crime that he commited as Mr. Mercedes. Eversince, she was disabled and her mother took care of her. While the police thinks that the mother was obviously overstrained by taking care of her daughter and, thus, ended it all, Hodges feels that something’s not right.


Well, where do I start? I liked this book. I didn’t like it as much as Finders Keepers or Mr. Mercedes, though. I don’t know why, maybe it’s the same reason for why I didn’t read the seventh Harry Potter book for such a long time: Because it’s the ending. Obviously, I don’t like endings and even if they’re great written as in this book, I still won’t like it being the end. Maybe I bond too much with fictional characters and can’t let go? 😉

The story is still well-developed and well-written. In this third book, some might think it’s odd that the paranormal part is added to a usual crime thriller, but otherwise: What did you expect? It’s Stephen King after all. The only thing that I was not so happy about was the antagonist. Well, I didn’t tell a lot about that person, but readers of the trilogy could figure out after the second book who that might be. And I think that person lost some of his typical behaviours – maybe because he gave in to revenge too much – but I think he could have done “better” (however, one can use this word for criminal behaviour, but I can’t think of a better fitting word right now).

Last, but not least: Are you wondering why the book is called End Of Watch? I did too. In German, it’s called “Mind Control” (very German, I know) as you could see in the picture and that was actually the obvious title. But “End Of Watch” was not so revealing. I won’t and can’t tell you why the book is called End Of Watch, but I bet you will just feel like me (read: heartbroken) about that title after reading the book.

Have you read any of those book? What are you currently reading? Any book recommendations?

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