The “Oops, I’ve been ignoring Cupventure for months” Post

“Who is this girl?” I hear you whisper. “That’s her.” – ” How is that even possible? She’s been missing for so long – and all she’s left behind was that smiling tea cup and empty promises.” They’re looking at me like I’m a criminal. A criminal for leaving everything behind or for coming back just like this? I don’t know. All I know is that this blank space, this abandoned realm of my own whispered my name, asked me to come back – and after weeks of not following the voices, I am here, armed with a digital notebook and pen trying yet another time to stay.

Okay, alright, enough of this. You all know that life’s not always easy peasy lemon squeezy and that your priorities cannot always be where all your hobbies (and responsibilities) are. During the past months, this blog wasn’t on my top list of things I wanted and had to do. Does this make me a bad blogger (especially considering my re-design)? Maybe. But when I’m not doing other stuff than studying, working and blogging, there’s not much left to write about here anyway. But summer holidays are coming and with them, there maybe comes the possibility of getting some usable posts written, who knows.

Before we’re getting to the usable posts, I figured you might be interested in what I’ve done during the past months instead of posting weird stuff on the Internet (except for Instagram, where I always most of the time am). Well, here’s a nice list of things that were going on during the past months:

Work. That’s what it’s like as “adult”. Somehow, you have to pay your daily food and the vast quantity of chocolate.

Studying. Half of my degree course is (nearly) done. There’ll be at least two more years, though. Next term, I will take it a little easier with less courses.

Guitar. I have no idea, if you’ve noticed it, but in the beginning of the year, my Hamer Sunburst and I came closer (again). This means, that I now spend several evenings a week torturing my boyfriend and our neighbours, while we (the guitar and me) try to play some songs.

Writing. Whaaaat? I write? Something else than this blog? Yup. There’s a story deep inside my head, that finally wants to see the world and during the past months, I made a little progress on that. Nice.


Holidays. My loyal followers on Instagram and Twitter might have noticed it: I went on a holiday. In Italy. It was nice. Especially that Green Day concert which was the cherry on the cake of this trip. Maybe I’m gonna write about this soon?

Exercising. Okay, I admit, not everyone would call this “exercising”, but I was walking a lot and when you can’t get yourself to do much exercising, that’s something good and helps to clear your mind. Most of the time, I was playing Pokemon Go, sometimes Zombies, run!

Series. Whoever hasn’t realised that the boyfriend and I are watching lots of series, must be living under a rock. Better Call Saul, Limitless, Sense 8, 13 Reasons Why, The OA und Lucifer are only a few of the series, we’ve been watching during the past months. Moreover, I had to watch Supernatural (I’m currently as far as season 8!) and Pretty Little Liars – just so that I can finally get over with it.

Driver’s license. Yup. I’ve finally got around to get myself one. Happy doesn’t even describe it. (Was expensive enough with all the driving lessons!)

As you can see, at least I wasn’t bored – and I still love GIFs. What have you been up to? Let me know in the comments. 🙂

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