What the heck has happened? #CupventureRelaunch

Last week I got a fever: the I-gotta-redesign-and-improve-my-blog-now-exactly-in-this-moment fever. I quickly decided to put my blog into the maintenance mode and started to plan, change, design, sort – and translate all the stuff. Yes, you’ve read correctly. Cupventure is from now on not only available in English, but also in my native language German – I’m gonna talk about this in detail later.

Why all that? I haven’t felt really home on my blog for a while. That was the reason to change things up a little, like a fresh breeze that brings inspiration, mainly driven by procrastination, which usually only paralyses me. For once, I’ve done something partly productive at least, haven’t I? On the next few rows, you’ll be able to read what I’ve changed and in the end I’m sharing a little outlook on what you can expect on Cupventure in the future. Have fun.

Social Media For sure, I’m still on all the social media platforms. But now, I’ve finally added a Facebook Page, where you can definitely make a detour to, say hello and like – only if you want, of course. My Instagram pictures can still be found on the bottom of the blog by the way, but they’re a bit differently arranged now. Looks good, doesn’t it?

Design | You probably wouldn’t have guessed this, but Cupventure has a new design with lots of purple. To get out of the pipdig trot, that all my blogger pals seem to be in, I looked somewhere else for a new one, found this one and changed a bit here and there until I liked it. But … how do you like it? In some older posts, I’ll still have to change some things up, but lots of them are already up to date, after I’ve been trying to get there the whole week.

Newsletter | Maybe you’ve noticed, that everywhere on this blog, there’s a nice, eye-catching, but still low-key newsletter sign up form. Obviously, I’m hoping for you to sign up there. I’m planning on getting out some exclusive content there in the future.

Language | The probably biggest change that I couldn’t finish during the past week is the new bilingualism of Cupventure. I’m through translating around half of the posts and the rest will follow one by one. Before I did this, I sometimes had the feeling that I don’t really no anymore how to write proper German, which is why I’ve thought about this change for a long time already – especially since WordPress has a great plugin for this, which makes the whole thing super easy. I think, that I can reach some more people that way and that I’m not so dependent on my medium class English anymore. You can easily change the language of the page in the menu.

Outlook | What does the future of Cupventure look like? I still have some posts in my drafts, that I’ve wanted to post or write for a long time now. I hope that I’ll be able to post at least once a week – but I can’t make any promises here with uni and work. This blog will still revolve a lot around series, movies and books with the occasional recipe and other hobbies I have. During summer time, I have planned some trips to other countries, so keep your eyes open for some posts about cities, in which I hopefully will experience some sharable moments and take some beautiful pictures.

How do you like the new design? Are you looking forward to something on the blog? Have you planned something nice for summer, too?

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