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20 Weird Things about “The Walking Dead”

Last year, I started watching The Walking Dead and even though, I love the show and am so looking forward to it continuing tonight, there are things happening that make me shake my head in despair. Spoiler alert – you’d better not read this post if you aren’t up to date with the show as it might contain tons of spoilers.

Here’s only a small list of things that don’t really make sense for me in The Walking Dead in no particular order, supported by gifs because everything’s better with gifs:

  1. Zombies can only smell people if they’ve seen them. I mean “Come on, let’s hide under that car, while the horde is passing. That way they can’t smell us” – or what?
  2. Rick survived probably about one month without care, food or WATER in that freaking hospital. No wonder, he became the leader. He must be supernatural.
  3. Rick found the group and within hours, he was the declared new leader. I mean, of course, there are those people with natural authority, but he’s only woken up from a coma two or three days ago.
  4. Also, he’s going slightly crazy during the show. Wanna threaten Negan? Please do, while we’re not here and get only yourself killed, thanks.
  5. Everyone is crazy. Obviously, the only people surviving a zombie outbreak must be crazy.
  6. “Don’t shoot. It will attract the walkers’ attention.” – “But, hey, let’s go and train how to use your gun in the forest. That’s very important.” Not a single zombie appears. “But don’t shoot. It will attract walkers.”
  7. Why don’t they call the walkers zombies? In the real world everyone would call those things zombies.
  8. What was that with all those episodes where we nearly forgot about Merle Dixon and that they left him on the roof top but never found his body when they came back for him? Why was Daryl suddenly kind of okay with that? I remember everyone being afraid of his reaction before the group told them what they’ve done to Merle.
  9. Before I forget, there’s a Zombie apocalypse going on: Have you packed your eye shadows and jewellery, Lori? Seriously, though. That would be the last things, I’d pack in this scenario.
  10. What’s the thing with the women making the women work in the beginning and making other women feel bad for wanting to learn how to fight? Glad, they eventually wanted to learn how to defend themselves, too …
  11. The CDC blowing up only weeks after the beginning of the apocalypse. Are you serious? Shouldn’t they be prepared to endure a little longer than that? And why blow the whole damn building up? Let’s be honest, that didn’t help anyone.
  12. Screaming at each other in the forest after a Zombie attack is probably a great idea if you want to die.
  13. The walkers are relatively easy to push away, yet they can rip you apart in seconds with their bare hands.
  14. The Governor kills everyone. One guy’s pointing a gun at him and hesitates. Why? Did he think he would be the chosen one to be spared?
  15. This one is similar to no. 14: Carl’s pointing a gun at Negan and hesitates. Luckily for him, he is the chosen one to be spare, because Negan obviously has a heart for kids.
  16. If zombies need to eat, don’t they die if they don’t get food?
  17. How the hell didn’t Hilltop and Alexandria people found each other earlier? I thought Aaron was regularly searching for other survivors? Also, how did Negan not find Alexandria earlier?
  18. Why do most people (Rick, Daryl, Carl) look like they’ve lived in the forest without civilisation for months and others (Carol, Abraham) look like they have their private hair stylists? Seriously, share your secrets to perfect hair, pals.
  19. Why don’t they regularly use what they’ve learned about keeping zombies away? Like the trick Michonne used or wearing zombie guts? (as gruesome as that is, but if it helps?)
  20. As everyone’s already infected with the zombie virus anyway, does that mean that zombie bites are actually only deadly?

20 weird things about this series, but I still love it most of the time – that is if my favourite characters are not currently killed off.

*sob* Bye, Abe. Bye, Glenn.

And even though, Negan is the worst person ever, he adds a black humour to the show that I’ll probably miss once he’s going to be eaten by the tiger or getting his head bashed with Lucille. I’m voting for Maggie, Carol, Daryl or Carl to do the job.

Who’s watching the second part of season 7 with me? Who will finally make Negan go away? What are weird things you noticed on the show? Any things I didn’t get right here?

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