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What To Watch: La La Land

Here’s to the ones who dream, foolish, as they may seem.
Here’s to the hearts that ache.
Here’s to the mess we make.

Do you know these movies that will take you completely by surprise? Yeah. La La Land is one of them. I basically knew what it was about, but didn’t expect anything as magically as this outcome – and with the Academy Awards coming up soon, I’ll assure you that this will be one of my indisputable favourites.


Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling, The Big Short) are dreamers. One is an aspiring actress, the other a jazz pianist dreaming of opening his own jazz bar. Following their dreams in the city of stars, their paths cross and the both of them, are starting to support each other to make their dreams come true. But as they have to face important decisions, their newly won relationship becomes fragile.


Of course, the plot of this movie sounds as kitschy as unicorns and fairytales with sprinkles on top. I know, I know. It doesn’t get less cheesy when you realise that it’s a musical. Right, I didn’t know this, when I went to watch the movie. I was surprised. And I was HAPPY. Because I love musicals, and if I had known I would have never been able to convince my boyfriend to watch the movie with me (which would be a shame, cause – SURPRISE – he quite liked it!)

You’ve probably already noticed that I am a big fan of La La Land. And I am about to tell you why:

  • The songs are beautiful. (Who would have guessed that Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling both actually could sing?) Not only is the music beautiful, but it’s also shown so nicely that even with a “small” voice, you can make beautiful songs that make you wanna get up and dance. (Yes, I’ve bought the soundtrack and yes, ever since, I’m happy that no one’s watching me dance through the flat. Ha.) I can’t even decide for a favourite song – “A lovely night”, “City of Stars” and Mia’s “Audition” song are definitely some highlights that you should be looking forward to.
  • The movie is about people that follow their dreams, even though they can’t be sure that those will come true. They’re not even financially stable on their way. They just follow them, no matter what, and that’s wonderful.

  • It’s also about people that support each other in achieving their goals, which we all should do more. Even though, it’s a fictional, it’s so nice to see to see someone believing in another person, sometimes even more than the person would believe in themself.
  • It’s about passion. And you’ll feel that for the movie, too.
  • La La Land is funny. And yes, this needs to be mentioned because I wasted way too many lovely nights on “funny movies” aka comedies that weren’t funny at all. So here you go: Watch La La Land. Because Emma Stone. Because Ryan Gosling. Because someone actually knew how to write good jokes. Enough said.

  • The acting is marvellous. Both leading actors are doing a fantastic job. I’m lacking other words to express it. For a long time, I think, I have seen Emma Stone as an average actress playing in more or less average movies like Friends with Benefits or Crazy, Stupid, Love, but the more I see of her, the more I adore her. Right now, she’s making me looking forward to Cruella so much, honestly. Also, thanks, Ryan Gosling, for not doing another movie like The Nice Guys or Only God forgives but La La Land instead. I hope he’ll continue to make great movies like this one, The Big Short or Fracture, because that’s where his talent can really shine.
  •  You’ll be captured in the story. But even though, you won’t want the movie to end, there was a perfect ending – just in time. And while you’re still sitting in your cinema seat, you’ll wish, the whole movie will start all over again (and again – and again).

La La Land is a movie for everyone (if you’re not open minded and think only action movies are awesome, then obviously, I don’t want to speak for you) and it’s especially for the people who loved another movie by Damien Chazelle (new favourite filmmaker?) – because he also directed and wrote Whiplash which is an awesome movie, too. Better go watch it if you missed out on it.

You’ve already heard how loved this movie is by critics? Yeah, right so. It won 7 Golden Globes and I’m pretty convinced, the Academy is gonna add some awards there, too, in February, because La La Land is just fabulous. I definitely would grant everyone who was involved with the movie an Oscar.I totally recommend you to watch the movie NOW.

A bit of madness is key to give us new colors to see.
Who knows where it will lead us?
And that’s why they need us.

PS: If you’re a fan of John Legend: He’s in the movie, too, doing a great job and even performing a song himself. 🙂

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  • Leslie Nichole

    I’ve wanted to see this since i first saw the commercial! I love Emma & Ryan, they are 2 of my favorites. Thanks for the awesome review!

    • They are so cute – especially in this movie. 😉 Hope you enjoyed the movie if you already had the chance to watch it.

  • Joana Bonjour

    Loved this review! I have already heard about this but I didn’t saw it yet. You made me even more curious now, hahah!


    • Hope you enjoyed it if you made it to cinema by now 🙂