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My 3 All-Time Binge Watching Favourites | Fun To Watch Edition

You probably learned by now that I’m spending a lot of my time in front of screens: At work, at university and at home. I’m working in front of screens and at home, I’m watching series and movies. So, because that’s such a big part of what I am doing in my daily life, I decided to create a little series called “My 3 All Time Binge Watching Favourites”, where I will share 3 of my favourite series and I will always choose a topic under which I’m sharing those. Today it is “Fun to Watch”.

Archer | Can I give you a short summary of this series? Yes, I can. Archer is through all seasons presumptuous, immature, partly mostly politically incorrect. What?, you say, that should be fun to watch? Yeah, I think so. I had my problems with it in the beginning, but my boyfriend continued to watch it, so I did too and grow to really enjoy it. It’s about a secrent agency, that’s run by Malory Archer who has to handle her son Sterling Archer and her other employees. I don’t need to tell you, that basically every operation they do ends in an absolute disaster. This series is playing with so many clichés starting with a well-known secret agent that I don’t wanna mention here by name, but you probably know him better than I do because I think he’s boring. Every single time when Sterling’s mother is calling him is a joke in itself – and they do that a lot.

BoJack Horseman | BoJack is probably one of the best series, I have ever seen, especially in the animation section. BoJack is a depressive horse. Oh, I can see your disbelieving gaze questioning why that would be funny. I gotta admit, it’s not always. It’s a difficult series, but that’s what it makes that special and fun to watch. It perfectly makes the split between being fun and being serious. There are so many comical situations and small hidden details in the background of most scenes. Even though, every episode of this series leaves a bad taste in your mouth that makes you think, this series is witty and a pleasure to watch.

The Big Bang Theory | Well, I think you probably have heard about The Big Bang Theory before. I can’t even remember the time I started to watch it. Was it 6, 7 or 8 years ago? Obviously, the whole show is a mash-up of clichés, no matter about whom exactly we’re talking, the nerds that don’t know how to talk to women for example. Some would say, The Big Bang Theory was never as funny as for example How I met your mother, but honestly? Compared to HIMYM, The Big Bang Theory could at least keep their standard more or less. I love how they developed their characters a little and how they introduced new characters that actually stayed in the series, too. And I love the cute friendship of Penny and Sheldon – and you know that you do too.

Have you ever seen one of the series? Do you agree with me that they’re good? If not, why not? 😉 What are your favourite “fun to watch” series? Any jewels, I might should check out?

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  • I’m actually a fan of Archer and BoJack. I need to catch up on BoJack because I’m definitely a bit behind, but I love that it’s humourous and serious, but not exaggeratedly so in regards to either. It, actually, gives me Daria vibes, to be honest. The only one I’m not a fan of is Big Bang Theory. In general, I feel like it uses the whole stereotypes of nerd culture to make their humour, but in a completely bad way. The humour is very “I made a joke. Get it? Hah.” type and that’s never really interested me. I will say, though, I absolutely adore Jim Parsons. He seems like such a lovely fellow and I would love to give him a hug.

    As for series that I consider gems? Hmm, if we’re talking Netflix, I would absolutely recommend Penny Dreadful, The Crown, Daredevil (if you like superheroes), Black Mirror, iZombie, Stranger Things, and surprisingly, Making a Murderer. Making a Murderer is surprisingly interesting a good watch. Recommended to anyone who is down for crime / murder based shows. As for other shows, you can never go wrong with Season 1-4 of House (I refuse to acknowledge the last two seasons because Cuddy becomes even more a twat than normal to me), Mr. Robot (Rami is sooo good in this), Season 1-4 of Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Vincent D’Onofrio is amazing in it). I want to recommend Criminal Minds, but there are some seasons that are hit and some that are miss and since both Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore are gone from the series, the show is a bit more boring, in my opinion.

    ( I seriously need to stop leaving lengthy comments everywhere. Haha. )

    mchi (@mchiouji) |

    • Well, no shame in not liking a TV series. I myself dislike usually loved TV series, ha! For Big Bang Theory, I just kinda grew up with it and I can also identify with the nerdy stereotypes, they’re showing off. Even though, I like the series a lot, I think that slowly they should find an ending for it. 🙂

      I know and watch some of the series you mentioned, like Stranger Things, Black Mirror and Making A Murderer. I gotta say though, that the latter is a bit over the top for me haha. I enjoyed watching it but I ended up getting upset about a lot in the series – starting with that I actually don’t like anyone, because they messed with everyone I liked. (Does that sound weird? ^^)

      I’ll definitely take the series I haven’t yet watched into consideration next time I run out of stuff to watch 🙂 (There are too many good series out there, right?)
      So thanks for that long comment and all the recommendations! (Nothing bad about writing long comments :D)

      P.S.: I don’t watch it that often, but for me, the worst to leave Criminal Minds would be Matthew Gray Gubler!

  • I love Archer! It’s such a shame that most people here in Austria don’t know about this show 🙁

    • It’s the same in Switzerland! We had to convince several friends to give it a try actually. Totally worth it – and everyone that we could convince liked it so far. 🙂