11/22/63 by Stephen King

Another book post! Can I have a hooray? (Hooray!) I don’t know if you knew already but I’m a huge fan of Stephen King. I picked up my first book written by him – The Eyes of the Dragon – when I was a teenager. It belonged to my aunt, we were on a family trip and I was bored. Since then I was hooked, so whenever I see a Stephen King book, I gotta pick it up. I admit that I don’t always read much, even though I wish I was reading more – but that number increased lately, so, go me!

I picked up this book called “The assault” in German quite some time ago already. When we were moving, it suddenly disappeared and I kind of forgot about it. But as soon as I found it and had finished reading the Harry Potter play, I started reading this book.


Maybe you can guess it from the combination of the German and English title, this book is about the deathly attack on John F. Kennedy. The main character Jake is actually a High School teacher when his friend Al shows him how he can travel back to 1958. Dying, Al asks him to prevent the assault on Kennedy to make the world a better place and Jake takes on the adventure of his life … but the past isn’t quite happy about change.


I might be a little biased but I loved this book. I love how everything in it – as usual for King – has it’s own kind of meaning and connection, too. Time travelling is such a difficult topic to write about without mistakes in reasoning, because time travelling in itself is not really logical, is it? But I loved how King developed this, how he’s tried to make the time in which most of the story is taking place as realistic as possible and how I didn’t find a big mistake in the time travel plot logic (so far).

I love how well-thought-out the story is, even apart from the main task to save Kennedy. There is so many people that you actually end up liking and caring for because King has this talent of not only creating a main character but a whole bunch of characters that are likeable. And I have to cheer for the ending, even though, a part of my head would really like to cry about it, too. For obvious reasons, I can’t tell you too much about it (we don’t want to add some spoilers here, do we?), but I think it’s one of the best endings of a book I’ve ever read leaving you with a heart that’s cracking from sadness while being full of joy.

For everyone that doesn’t like reading, I heard there’s a mini series with James Franco that’s actually good called 11.22.63. (Actually. I haven’t only heard from it, but finished watching it, last week. Expect a review soon.)

Do you share my love for King and his books? Have you read or watched 11/22/63 already? Do you have a different opinion than me about it?

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