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What To Watch: Nerve

Hi fellas! Long time, no see. I kinda took a break from the blog lately, cause I didn’t feel like writing, taking pictures (except for Instagram, and I’m pretty proud of my account currently). Also, I needed to take time to develop and nourish my Funko Pop! and The Walking Dead addiction. Can you blame me? (Hint: No, you can’t.)


So, this is a post I had written some time ago now but I wasn’t motivated enough to edit the pictures, let alone add them to the post, so yeah, it’s a little late now to watch Nerve in cinema, but as you are well aware, there are these new services like Netflix or Amazon Prime where you will probably be able to watch it, or DVDs, Blu Rays – really, whatever you prefer. And, basically, that means, you might be still interested in my review.

I had never heard of Nerve before my friend Izzy asked me if I’m planning to see it. When there was cinema day in Switzerland – which basically meant you could watch movies all day long for 1/3 of the usual price – I decided to give it a try (along with Mike and Dave need Wedding Dates lol amd Now You See Me 2 – still super proud of the picture I took for that post). Anyway, here’s what I thought.


Nerve is an online game that’s generally happening in the darknet. You can decide about your part in the game: are you a player or a watcher? The players have to accept and fulfil challenges in front of their mobile camera. The watchers make (most of) the challenges. If successful, the players earn money and points, if unsuccessful, they’re out. When Vee (Emma Roberts, American Horror Story) meets Ian (Dave Franco, Now You See Me 2), she, who’s actually the rather careful type of person, sees herself soon dragged into the game that starts out as being all fun and games, but soon becomes something totally different.


We gotta admit that this scenario isn’t too far away from us. Some people are watching reality TV all day, that challenges others to do gruesome, funny, stupid or maybe even slightly dangerous things. And even though, those games are all giving you the opportunity to get out, there’s all the pressure of the audience and often the show host that want you to fulfil the challenge – for their excitement, entertainment or simply out of boredom.

I’ve always been fascinated by those stories that look at some sort of extreme reality TV, may it be The Long Walk or Running Man by Richard Bachmann/Stephen King or the Hunger Games. In every of those stories, the concept of the show is simple, in some of them, their participants are willingly agreeing on the terms of the games. For Nerve, it added for me as computer scientist another exciting component: technology. While for instance in the Hunger Games, you know exactly the Capitol is cheering on the tributes or in Running Man, it’s the rich people; but the technology in Nerve allows it to remain absolutely anonymous who are the ones that are watching. For all you know, your working colleague that is super nice and shy could be the one challenging someone to walk across a high traffic street even though this might result in a bad, maybe deathly accident – just because he or she’s bored. It’s an interesting concept as it forced me to think about what we already do while hiding in the apparent anonymity of the Internet.

Nonetheless, the movie’s target audience is teenagers and that’s why it’s not really complicated or deeply developed. It’s a storyline, you would expect, no big surprises. But how it’s made is cute and entertaining, looks good – and the questions that it could subtly arise about how far our society would go to feel amused and whose fault it is when something bad actually happens in the name of amusement are definitely relevant.

My recommendation is to watch this movie without high expectations of a complete new story because it’s not. It’s a story, we have seen before in one way or another. And after the movie, think about how far away those scenarios really are from our daily lives.

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  • That’s so interesting, I hadn’t heard of that movie before now! I’ll probably have to wait until it gets on Netflix or something – I’ve already spent my ‘movie budget’ on watching Dr Strange, and tomorrow Fantastic Beasts! Have you watched either of those yet?
    (PS I did a little happy dance when I saw you had a new post up) <3

    • Aw, I’m so happy that people still come here. Haha. Uni and work keep me so busy all the time.
      Oh, totally understand the movie budget thing. I’m way too much at the cinema. 😀
      I haven’t seen those yet, but I’m planning to watch Fantastic Beasts very soon. Just have to find someone to go with me (or I’ll go alone). How did you like those?
      (*Happy dance cause you’re still here* :*) <33