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What To Watch: Now You See Me 2

Do you know these movies where you’re not totally impressed with the story but it doesn’t matter because it’s just fabulous anyways? Yeah, right, that’s what Now You See Me was for me. No wonder that I was really thrilled to hear that there was a second movie coming up this year.


The world is waiting and hoping for the Four Horsemen to reappear.  And as they do to expose a tech magnate they’re kidnapped by Walter Mabry (Daniel Radcliffe) because he wants them to steal something very well protected and the Four Horsemen have to perfectly work together for their stunt this time.


What can I say? The story is rather simple, some reviewers might say it’s bad, boring and whatever negative words you can think of – and while I’m tending to agree with that (there’s no story of the year material to be found there), I find the characters to be quite likeable. Yes, I do like them. They’re funny, they don’t always agree, they have their flaws, but they’re not boring or totally annoying, so you can empathise with them and that’s a big point for me when watching a movie. I know not everyone agrees on this topic, but I really liked them.

Also, I am like a child, so I obviously really enjoyed the visual effects. I don’t care if some of them were realistic or not because they just looked good. Come on, it’s a movie about magic, so let’s just use the magic that filmmakers can use nowadays to create something awesome and magical. You can spoil every magical performance for yourself by questioning every trick. Let’s just stop to question the realness of the Now You See Me tricks, please? I just don’t get why some people can’t just lean back and enjoy a good show anymore? (Also, some of the tricks actually are explained in the end, just like in the first movie.)

To conclude, I loved this movie and had quite a great time. I agree that the story might not be the main reason to watch it, but it’s candy for the eyes if you’re able to switch off that scientist’s brain for two hours and just enjoy a good show.

Have you seen the Now You See Me movies? Do you agree with me or do you think they were boring?

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