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Actually, I wanted to write a review of “Stranger Things” first, but browsing Twitter, I can see that no one needs a review of the series as about everyone has seen it anyway. (If you haven’t, I’d still recommend you’re logging in to Netflix right now and catch up on it. Speak to you tomorrow again because by then you’ll have watched the last episode.) I decided to write a review, though, about another series that I think wasn’t quite as popular.

It’s a Netflix series as well and it is called “Love”. How cheesy, right? Not quite.

The Plot

The series starts with two pretty messed up couples breaking up. Gus is the seemingly down-to-earth guy who has to figure out now how to live alone – when he bumps into Mickey who’s a party girl and quite the opposite of Gus.

My Opinion

While the story could make a very cheesy series, the messed-up but still kind of absolutely usual (read: normal) characters keep the story more real and the exact opposite of cheesy (for 90 % of the series, anyway. I guess one can’t get around the tackiness forever, can we?)

Gus and Mickey make wrong decisions all the time and they don’t make up for that with a romantic dinner, a bunch of flowers or sentimental apologies and declarations of love. This is absolutely not what “Love” is about. It’s about how complicated relationships and feelings can be and how they influence our whole life. It makes the series somehow relatable – minus the 10 % cheesy and not so relatable part in the end that I was kind of unhappy but still happy with. No, that doesn’t make sense, but honestly, does love ever?

Have you seen Love? How did you feel about the series? Would you like to watch it?

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  • Ooh maybe I will check Love out. Stranger Things is everywhere but I don’t feel like trying it myself for some reason.

    • Yees, let me know what you’ll think if you do 🙂
      Maybe you’re not the horror type? 🙂 xx

  • Ooh, I must check this out when I get the chance! I think I am the only person who hasn’t seen Stranger Things but it’s on my list – I just need to get Netflix now 😉 Thanks for the recommendations! – Tasha

    • Netflix can be really worth it! I actually now have struggles to find something to watch on “normal” tv because I always think “but I could watch this and this and this on Netflix” haha.
      Both definitely two great series! Let me know what you think if you’ll ever watch them. 🙂 xx

      • I just finished Stranger Things the other day and I loved it, it was so good, and the soundtrack was amazing! I’ve got a free trial on Netflix at the moment so I’m using the time wisely and watching as much as I can, haha! 😀