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Even though, I’m a passionate baker, I sometimes just want to eat instead of baking before. Especially in times like this, when it’s the end of the semester and life is just so busy. After years of a lot disappointing supermarket baked goods (too dry, too sweet, let’s be honest: most of them aren’t that good), I came to the conclusion that even baking mixes are better than buying already baked goods. It’s lazy, I know, but can be oh-so delicious.

These funny glasses with the ingredients for cakes, brownies, muffins, bread and so much more can nowadays be seen in many places – and it looked good enough for me to try it, even though they’re rather expensive.

We decided to go for the Cherry Banana Muffin mix. You only needed to add: 200 ml milk and 100 ml sunflower oil. And of course you will need your muffin moulds. They’re made as easy as you’re used to it from baking mixes. Mix everything in a bowl, afterwards let the mixture soak for 5 minutes. Spread dough on moulds and bake for 25 minutes at 180 ° C.



The taste was honestly great. I was really surprised that the muffins weren’t dry at all. They also tasted very fruity (mmhhmmm, cherries and banana). Great. A must try, definitely, especially if you’re too lazy to bake but still want something tasty – freshly out of the oven.

The downside of this baking mix is the price. I could have bought about three usual baking mixes for the same price (11.90 CHF / currently about 8.50 £), but with the glass bottle as packaging, it looks really nice and if you’re looking for a gift for a lazy baker, that could definitely be the right thing. Otherwise, I’d still recommend to look for a similar recipe and bake it on your own if you want to save money. (You could use my vanilla muffins and add some cherries and banana to it?)

What do you think about baking mixes? Do you use them?


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  • You had me at lazy! And that bottle is so pretty. Also you’re making me really hungry (I haven’t had my dinner yet, this is no good!)

    • I hope you survived until dinner 😉
      The bottle was the main reason I bought it. Haha. I just loved that you could see the ingredients and everything. 😀