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Nice to see you in my little corner of the Internet. The growing up was postponed around here due to dullness (we can still grow up tomorrow if necessary!); instead I will bake, paint and write something about topics that I like. Click through the pages, leave me a message - in the comment section of a post, through the contact formular or on social media - and meanwhile, drink a cup of tea for me, would you?

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Chocolate Bar Pie

A super sweet pie recipe for everyone out there who has got a sweet tooth. Continue reading ...

#reputationProject - How to get involved

A nice project you should definitely join if you're going to Taylor Swift's reputation Stadium TourΒ Continue reading ...

The latest of the latest

01. Oktober 2017Β | Cupventure is no longer simply a blog. As of now the website is looking as good as new, has got a new logo and some nice galleries where you can gaze at my food creations and drawings. Blogging is more of a secondary business that I will do from time to time and every now and then, there will also be new recipes - obviously in one of those new fancy categories I created.


Ongoing Projects

Reading: Shining - Stephen King

Cake: ???

Travelling: England

Listening: Reputation - Taylor Swift