Actually, I wanted to write a review of “Stranger Things” first, but browsing Twitter, I can see that no one needs a review of the series as about everyone has seen it anyway. (If you haven’t, I’d still recommend you’re logging in to Netflix right now and catch up on it. Speak to you tomorrow again because by then you’ll have watched the last episode.) I decided to write a review, though, about another series that I think wasn’t quite… View Post

WARNING: Do not read if addicted to cake, chocolate or very hungry. 😉 If you’re a returning reader to my blog, you might have already seen some of my Pastry Course posts. It’s no secret that I love baking and learning how to make my cakes look more beautiful is one of my favourite things to do. In my two last courses I already learned how to make a Harry Potter book and an unicorn. While these two cakes were rather… View Post

Oh, I know, shame on me. I missed my Fitness Friday last week. I was busy and tired and lazy. So, I apologise and hand it in one week later. This will not be always like this, I promise. It can be very hard to get your blogging mojo really back and I guess the bloggers that read this blog will understand what I mean. So, let’s take a look on July, shall we? July Goals ☑ Start over with PIIT28 * ☑… View Post

It’s that time of the year again where my head says I should challenge myself. This happens about twice a year. So, here I am, ready to try something new and challenge myself. Do you know that feeling of wanting to do everything and giving your best at everything and then, it turns out shit? Yeah, well, me too. That’s why I chose a different approach for my challenge this time. I’m not writing down all the goals that I… View Post