I’m back for Fitness Friday! I haven’t written a Fitness Friday post in a while as I didn’t have a lot to tell or wasn’t in the mood or maybe I just forgot. But now, here I am with a totally fresh post. What do you say? Fitness Friday is on the first Friday of every month? Well, yeah, that’s how I actually said it some time ago when this whole series started. But there’s a reason, I’m giving you… View Post

  I’m late to the party even though I’ve already read the latest Harry Potter (play) some weeks ago. I just couldn’t be motivated to write a post (at all). But here I am typing a little review about the latest thing that’s on the market of the series that is basically my childhood and the hardest thing about that will actually be to give you an idea about the plot, but not to give away the things that are… View Post

Do you know these movies where you’re not totally impressed with the story but it doesn’t matter because it’s just fabulous anyways? Yeah, right, that’s what Now You See Me was for me. No wonder that I was really thrilled to hear that there was a second movie coming up this year. Plot The world is waiting and hoping for the Four Horsemen to reappear.  And as they do to expose a tech magnate they’re kidnapped by Walter Mabry (Daniel Radcliffe)… View Post

One of my most anticipated movies of the year was “Sucide Squad”. Naturally, I was a little bummed when I read the first negative opinions about the movies but went to watch it anyway. Here’s what I thought. Plot The Suicide Squad is a new built task force created to fight the worst enemies one could make up. It mostly consists of villains from the DC universe as they probably wouldn’t be missed in the case that they died which… View Post